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Capacity Building

We help Employers imbibe a culture of continuous learning and to pursue initiatives directed at personal development for staff. Click here to learn more


The RIL Academy

Our Academy/faculty encompasses of accredited courses and renowned facilitators who take trainings all-round the year. Click here to learn more



School is an integral part of the RIL Academy that trains fresh out of school graduates on basic soft skill including CV writing and Interview skills. Click here to learn more

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Marketing Like Dating

Without Marketing, your Business doesn’t exist beyond those who already know it. Click here to read more

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How to Land your Dream Job

Your degree is not a golden ticket to employment! Relevant experience for the vacancy is what is most important! A salaried job is not the only way to acquire experience. Click here to read more

Leading Recruitment Solutions Provider

Effective Solutions

We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and
initiate employee assessments that maximize recruitment efforts

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People Management

People Management is at the heart of all we do; easing business burdens is why we do it. With an integrated system and structure, we deliver Top-notch HR services that cover HR Outsourcing, Payroll and Benefits Administration, Employment Checks and Certificate Verification, Business Process Outsourcing, and other HR Consulting Services. Click here to learn more

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People Placement, Talent Sourcing and Expatriate placement

Armed with the right personnel, methodology and experience, we work with our clients to get the right fit for the job role. You need not worry in identifying or sourcing talents.

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Explore SabiNow

With Access to Premium, Expert-Led Courses, to help Reach Your Full Potential and Achieve Your Goals. Freemium Model, Numerous courses to choose from. One-on-One Coaching, Dedicated experts, just for you. Enterprise Model Lifetime access to unlimited content.

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Get Featured In Skribble

A free publication of Resource Intermediaries Limited. Skribble magazine is enriched with detailed information and news about human resource consulting.

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Janitorial Services

We provide cleaning services that are provided in professional office settings.

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Fumigation Services

In order to live and work in a safe, hygienic, pest-free environment, we provide professional and effective pest control solutions. In particular, the use of environmentally friendly products for the control and elimination of pests prevalent in Nigeria.

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Certificate Verification

We guarantee validation and authentic verification of certificates

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Business Process Outsourcing

We offer standard Business functions


Create Meaningful Experiences for employees

We focus on people by understanding employees’ emotions and
perspectives at all touch points, so you can take action and focus
experiences on what matters to the people.


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