HR Outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing

Our specialty is in managing support personnel for businesses. By support personnel we mean Bulk and Paying Tellers, Direct Sales Agents, Janitorial staff, Front Desk Officers, Gardeners, Drivers, Customer Service Officers, Ticketing staff, Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Administrative staff and all non-core staff of businesses.

As a rule, we comply with Nigerian Labour Laws and related Legislation. We also do not take on any mandate for which the Personnel Under Management would earn lower than the prevailing minimum wage.

These could be on temporary, long term or project basis.

Your Business, your Employees, and You are assured with us.
Payroll Outsourcing
  • Our main goal is to provide a full staff management service
  • To our clients to help them make smart decisions
  • Help deliver improvements that impact business and stay with them for years to come

At Resource Intermediaries Limited, we understand that some organizations would rather outsource the management and administration of their Staff Payroll.

We have a team of experienced Payroll & Tax Experts who know and understand the full requirements of administering organizations’ Payroll from start to distribution of payslips and remittance of statutory deductions to relevant government bodies.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Service would be complementary to your organization’s Manpower Planning strategy by allowing you to operate a lean staffing mode.

We guarantee accuracy of computations using our customized Payroll Software; timely remittances of statutory payments and ultimately easing of your business burdens.