[ Geographical Information Systems Officer ] Job Information
Category Power/Energy Job Type Full-Time
Job Status Sourcing Minimum Education University
Degree Title Minimum Exerience
Duration Start Publishing 2016-08-12
Stop Publishing 2016-09-05 Country Nigeria
State County

Job Location: Lagos


Education and Experience

B. Sc in Geography graduates. 

IT savvy

Ready to learn 


Collection of geographical information:

  • capturing the location of 'assets' using GPS (global positioning system) tools in the field, e.g. location of bridges, street lights, road barriers, flood defences and so on for private companies, government agencies and local authorities;
  • desk-based data capture (digitising) to convert paper maps to GIS datasets, e.g. to record the location of telecoms cables or water pipelines from original maps.

Storage of geographical information:

  • creating and maintaining the structures necessary for GIS data storage;
  • developing the tools for loading/transferring GIS data between different systems.

Manipulation, analysis and presentation of geographical information:

  • creating programs to convert GIS information from one format to another;
  • developing internet applications to present GIS data and tools on corporate websites;
  • using tools to join together different GIS datasets and create new information or investigate patterns, e.g. estimating the number of people potentially affected by flooding, using population growth figures and planning information to estimate increasing/decreasing demand for school capacity, or calculating the number of potential customers for a new supermarket and predicting buying patterns based on socio-economic factors.
Preferred Skills
Posted 2016-08-12 05:37:41