[ Manager, Administration ] Job Information
Category Administrative Job Type Full-Time
Job Status Sourcing Minimum Education University
Degree Title Minimum Exerience
Duration Start Publishing 2016-07-13
Stop Publishing 2016-08-15 Country Nigeria
State County

Location: Akwa-Ibom

Education:  Bachelor of Business Administration / Master of Business Administration / Finance Management

Experience: 7-8 years. With at least 2 – 3 years in a hospital.

Job Skills: Management, Communication, Problem solving, motivation, patient customer focus, initiative and leadership skills and ability to gain the trust, commitment and cooperation of others, decision making ability especially in sensitive areas such as allocation of funds. Inventory Management.


Job Description

As a Hospital Manager you are required to work closely with other department heads of the hospital to coordinate health services. Work includes supervision of various administrative and financial functions of the hospital to generate reports to analyze the effectiveness of various departments and work to reach financial goals and maintain budgets. The goal is to improve efficiency of care, keep up to date on local rules and regulations and represent the facility wherever required.

As Manager – Administration you will supervise the following departments directly:

  1. Admissions and Billing
  2. Purchases
  3. Stores
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Lab
  6. Insurance & Corporate Client Section
  7. Business Development
  8. Housekeeping
  9. Food & Beverages
  10. Security
  11. Hospital Engineering
  12. Information Technology
  13. Patient Care Services
  14. Human Resources

As the head of Administration the daily tasks shall involve the following:

A)     Managing professional, clerical and administrative staff.

B)      Manage the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff.

C)      Overseeing the day to day management of various departments

D)     Implementing new policies and procedures

E)      Liaising and negotiating with medical and non-medical personnel (both senior and junior level), and with people in other organizations.

F)      Gathering and analyzing data and using it to plan and manage both projects and systems

G)     Working towards ensuring quality and value for money for patients

H)     Extrapolating data for quality assurance and monitoring purposes.

I)        Setting budgets and maintaining finances within tight constraints.

J)       Planning and implementing strategic changes to improve service delivery

K)      As head of various departments you are supposed to attend meetings, write reports and deliver presentations on management and audit.

L)       Handling communications and corporate affairs

M)   Managing premises, catering, Housekeeping and security.

N)     Procurement of regular supplies and help the management in procuring capital equipment. Negotiate with suppliers and vendors for best price without compromising on quality. Try to implement 3 quotation policy keeping in mind lead times of various supplies.

O)     Inventory Management

P)      Supporting and planning new provision and projects.

Q)     Constantly try to improve on the list of corporate clients while maintaining control over credit.

R)      Follow up on important payables and receivables.

S)      Monitoring Standard Operating Procedures are being followed and adhered to in the hospital.



Preferred Skills
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